and with mihashi finished I can finally make a post with my sak plans!!

I can’t wait to see everyone and actually wear my dream cosplays!!!

These past few months but especially these last two weeks have been filled with so many tears but here it is I am so ready!!!!

I-I diD IT!!! (0◇0)!!!!

Mihashi is ready to be worn to Sakura-con along with my lovely Abe!!

This baby bird’s ready to pitch!!!

WOW GOOD, your wig bangs came out so GOOD

omg thANK YOU SO MUCH„, i was so worried they wouldnt come out right after my first wig got so horribly destroyed bUT I REALLY LIKE IT!!

Feeling like destroying the world one robot at a time (*´▽`*)

My asuka cosplay is finaLLY COMPLETE!!!

I can’t wait to wear her to sak this weekend oh man!!

Say hi and stuff if you want!!


Asuka’s hair might be one of the most difficult and upsetting wig’s I’ve ever tried to work on. and i cried over mami and roxy’s wigs…

this was absolute hell but im so glad i fINALLY GOT SOME KIND OF COLOR I CAN WORK WITH FOR SAKURA-CON„„


so i made a cosplay liveblog to post all my struggles on because i wanna track all my progress and also laugh at my tears after im all done

oh man i had a cute ass mermaid dream

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i made a little scarf kinda thing but not really a scarf at all lol

i still used the scarf code tho and slapped it up on my art blog

this was still fun to make tho~

[enjoy your stay]
a fire faun mix

01.Hello How are you- リツカ // 02.Boats and Birds- Gregory and the Hawk // 03.Friendzone- Marielle Maxwell // 04.TryingTooHard- Jason Isacariot // 05.Street Fight- Hedley // 06.Bad Reptutation- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts // 07.Akira- Anamanaguchi // 08.For Reasons Unknown- The Killers // 09.I Need a Hero- Jennifer Saunders // 10.Reconstructing More Science- Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory // 11.The Sixth Station- Joe Hisaishi // 12.Enterlude- The Killers

I don’t really know how to do fanmixes or stuff like that and I don’t really have a lot of good music tbh but I’ve been using 8tracks for background noise while working on cosplay and I wanted to make a mix too??? enjoy?

a full version of the album art thing
violet you suck at guitar but oh well

a full version of the album art thing

violet you suck at guitar but oh well

 - Violet's Song
0 plays

okay please ignore the quality of both my voice and the looped guitar (i cant actually play the guitar and ive been sick all week)

but i thought of a cute idea that maybe violet found an old guitar and even though she has no idea how to play it, she’ll just kinda strum her hand on it and make up little songs. then when elise turned up she started trying to learn how to actually play the thing which was a miracle because it was old and busted as all heck. aND AND SHED PLAY LITTLE LOVE SONGS AFTER AWHILE TO ELISE„,

okay bye this was dumb bUT I DONT CAAARE

I was also wondering if you’re going to Sakura this year?

yeh son ill be millin around sak

Your art is so cute!!

god bless

random cyclops girl